I've found that most people have some sense of mission, like they're here for a reason. But once they get to work, they start to wonder, "Is this it?" because "it" feels meaningless, boring, lame, or worse—scary. Scary that this may be it. They catch themselves feeling like they're not far enough along, and not good enough. There's a creeping fear that they're missing the chance to make it.

The demands of their job, friends and family never slow down. If anything, they seem to cause more stress. Just thinking about it creates more guilt and frustration. It feels like they work more hours for the same money. They're challenged to find meaning, and balance is a myth. Even their faith in God is wavering.

they're doing all they can

and it still isn't enough.

They think, "If only I could find the right technology, or maybe a system or a program..." the magic solution will appear. But it doesn't. 

The reality is that while they're hunting outside, they're growing hungrier inside, and inside is where the answers live. If they can quiet their inner critic, they'll find peace. They can think. Align habits with deep desires, and see solutions that only show up when the mind is peaceful

What they really want is to live life! They don't think it's too much to ask to enjoy work and have time for family and friends. They look forward to healthy relationships, and prosperous, meaningful work.  

They have to Develop a new mindset

that believes truthfully, accepts responsibility for reality, and clarifies their desires so that the things they already know start working.

They need a new way of thinking through problems so that solutions appear like kisses from heaven. 

That was my story, too, frustration and misery until I sat down one day and said, "To hell with this crap." I finally got tired of paying thousands for strategies that taught nothing more than "success comes from working harder" or (my least favorite) "working smarter." I even hired highly touted coaches who fed me sunshine and rainbow laced BS; clichés that sound good but can't pass a basic logic test. 

The changes began after I read deeply in two areas: motivation and neuroscience. I soon realized that my problem was not my work ethic. My problem was that my brain was working against me. I had no peace because my mind was at war.

Four years and hundreds of tests later, I arrived at a proprietary methodology that has worked on everyone who tried it.