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5-workbook set filled with proven strategies, processes, and tactics to help you turn your brain into a success machine.

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of something? Wanting it? Craving it like thirsty wanderer craves water? Knowing you can, not knowing how? You’re probably thinking of something now. Bigger life. More prosperous career. Getting back into shape. No more debt. A job you enjoy. Healthier relationship. You want it so bad, you can taste it. 

Dreaming is as American as Independence Day, yet 70% of Americans hate their jobs. Half the couples break up. Few people get along with their kids and fewer with their parents. Even fewer keep the extra weight off. Why do so many struggle with debt? Why do most people watch their dreams slip away?

Jack knows. And you can know Jack.

Dr. Jack Allen has helped thousands get what they want from life. His PhD in ethics and managerial psychology plus over two decades’ studying motivation, neuroscience, and experience with over 3,000 clients provide a wise base of knowledge you can access. His programs help you get what you want the right way so your success lasts.

A normal person is about $500 away. you're not normal.

Neither was Glen. He was homeless and addicted to meth when he met Jack. Now Glen runs his own business in Albuquerque, NM. Dramatic? Sounds like therapy? Nope. Jack doesn’t do therapy.

Mike’s job sucked, kept him awake and put his marriage on the rocks. Three months after working with Jack, he sleeps through the night, the marriage is solid, and (bonus) he landed his dream job. Vanessa struggled with debt for ten years—two years after working with Jack, she’s debt free. Steve’s job paid well but he hated it, felt trapped, trudged along; one year after meeting Jack, Steve does what he loves and makes more money.

How are these people getting what they want?

It’s all in their heads.


Few of us get the life we dream of because our brains crave safety, and safety is the enemy of finding success in every area of life. Sure, your mind imagines better, but the brain switches to safety and locks in the routine. Most people cannot overcome success-defeating strategies wired into our brains.

You know what’s really interesting? You can train your brain to FIND success instead of mediocre routine.

A self-paced, 5-workbook set of proven strategies, processes, and tactics to help you turn your brain into a success machine.

Early adopters get the package for less than $35 per week.

Because Jack wants your feedback.

Jack’s writing a book and wants to include results from recent, high performance, goal oriented achievers. Simply agree to complete the entire series and a feedback form within 90-days, and Jack will give you his best material at an unheard-of price. It’s not easy. Most people spend about 20-minutes per day completing the material and 20 minutes on feedback every 2 weeks. Your time commitment may vary. 

This offer ends March 1. 

Are you a procrastinator? Watch this.