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What Makes People Tick?

The PDP® integrated hiring, management and development system evolved through statistically-based surveys of more than 5,000,000 people in thousands of organizations around the world. PDP was developed in workplace settings, and carries statistical, psychological, academic, and government validation.

PDP's integrated applications optimize employees' professional growth to spur the organizational effectiveness and, ultimately, profitability. No matter how much or how fast your business changes, no matter how challenging the obstacles are to achieving your goals, Dynamic Coaching will be the partner that keeps the focus on successfully navigating the people part of the organizational puzzle.


ProScan®, the core of the PDP system is a non-threatening, 5-minute survey with 96% accuracy—one of the most advanced instruments available. ProScan helps people understand themselves and others by measuring behavioral strengths in common language—no PhD required to read to 20+ page report. Additionally, the survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress, identifies specific areas of stress, motivators, demotivators, leadership and communication styles, energy capacity and style when working with tasks and projects, and how one projects themselves toward others.


JobScan® defines a position in terms of the behavioral dynamics most likely to succeed in the job. Utilizing correlated data from ProScan, this instrument identifies ideal characteristics for a specific position (based on your input) and compares them to each applicant’s work style. JobScan helps managers match people to positions, increasing hiring success and decreasing turnover. These PDP profile tools are E.E.O.C. compliant and validated to attract qualified applicants, screen with accuracy, and include interview questions geared to desired behaviors.



TeamScan® provides high-impact, real-time information on the group dynamics of people in an entire organization or within a specific team, department, or division. Through comparisons of ProScan data for the individuals in a group, TeamScan provides graphic composites of strengths, energy levels, points-of-view, communication and work styles. It helps reveal productivity and success components of particular teams and measures and defines corporate culture in concrete terms. TeamScan is designed with specific applications for both core teams and the entire organization.

System Solutions

Analyzing and defining corporate culture

  • PDP helps define the corporate culture that supports your objectives. It is a system that helps you screen-in and develop people who fit the culture you want. 

Improve management and leadership skills

  • PDP's TeamScan helps managers identify team dynamics, assess the effects of management styles and integrate management systems that improve performance.

Build effective teams and work groups

  • Real Team, an integral part of TeamScan, objectively measures group characteristics, sets expectations for team performance, and quickly shows managers how to build more effective teams.

Increase productivity while maintaining quality

  • ProScan increases productivity and maintains quality by helping managers find the best fit employee for a given position, and then develop that person once they begin. When employees work in a job that fits their natural behavioral strengths, they engage more deeply, bring more enthusiasm to tasks, and take more pride in the results. 

Improve communications

  • ProScan helps managers quickly know how different employees approach issues. They can communicate based on the employee's perspective to make sure the message is clearly understood.

Upgrade customer service 

  • With the ProScan system, organizations develop a culture that supports consistent, high-quality customer service.

Develop staff to their full abilities 

  • ProScan identifies peak performance factors, and empowers employees to work from their strengths. Your ProScan will not end up in a drawer like so many other assessments. It’s a tool that gets used.

Know your employee’s unique motivators and avoid demotivators

  • ProScan focuses on each employee's unique motivators and demotivators to help managers determine how environmental factors affect employee stress, energy, and satisfaction.

Identify work-related stress

  • ProScan measures external factors and categorizes stress to allow people to increase resiliency and mitigate the damage of stress.

Resolve interpersonal conflict

  • Experienced PDP professionals work with a company's executives to assess, identify, and develop strategies to resolve challenges and conflicts.

Reduce turnover and dissatisfaction 

  • When employees are matched to jobs that suit them, they are more likely to grow and remain in the organization. JobScan helps employers find the behavioral characteristics of top performers and select similar behavior before a bad hire happens. Match people's work patterns to what you want in a position, thus increasing hiring success and reducing turnover.

Match people to jobs 

  • JobScan produces job model reports matched with applicant profiles to ensure that you hire the people who fit what you want in a given position.

EEOC and ADA approved way to improve interview techniques

  • The PDP process is validated for hiring by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and approved by the American with Disabilities Act. It creates metrics and specific questions to allow managers to more fully understand the qualifications of an ideal candidate for a position. Behavioral questions screen potential employees about how they would operate in specific job functions.Every ProScan® reveals tangible, objective data enabling you to fuel growth. The report is concise, easy to understand, and immediately actionable.

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