There are just three expectations on your end:

  1. Clearly state what you want,
  2. Agree to fully engage in the process, and
  3. Be able to say that the process energizes you.

Anytime one of those three stops happening, we take a look at what’s causing the slow down.

It’s a bit more complex on my end--five things--but I’ve been practicing a long time, so it doesn’t seem as hard.

  1. Check the fit. A 20-minute conversation to discuss what you want, calculate your budget and expected return on investment, and, if it’s a go, we craft our agreement to work together. There’s no charge.
  2. Once we start meeting, you will notice that I listen. Really listen for verbal and non-verbal cues, background noise, distractions, deeper motivations, limiting and propelling beliefs, motivators, demotivators, stressors, victories, needs, expectations, perspective, barriers, and courageous moments. I try to get to know you so I can help, and it’s all in a confidential setting.
  3. Together, we aim at whatever you want. (My #3 is your #1.)
    • Part of aiming includes bench-marking a company or individual who already does what you want to do at a very high level. 
    • We eliminate things you do not want as a way to say no to distractions and clarify what you do want.
    • We examine your needs, and account for those of your family or significant others.
    • We establish where you stand in relation to your benchmark.
  4. We develop an action plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Between sessions, actions include homework, much of which intentionally helps train your brain to work for you. I know, that sounds weird, but brains, like muscles, also must be trained. I’ll explain more if you need me to. 
  5. We will figure out when you want to change something. Your plan will encounter obstacles. Slight course corrections get you back on track. Or, you might get into it a bit and decide you want something else, which is great because then you’ll know what you want! No more wasting life on what you don’t want.

The Listen-Aim-Action-Change process and system has worked with over 150 of Jack’s students and protégées, over 700 clients, and audiences throughout the US and internationally. 

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