Personal Life Assessment

You will use this assessment to immediately and positively impact your life. The goal here is to get to the truth—the truth will set you free!

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive a score, and a free eBook Mindset for Success. Dr. Allen’s scientifically-proven, proprietary process has helped thousands of people shut up their inner critic and get the life they want.

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Overall, how satisfied are you with your life? *
What area challenges you most? *
Within that area, what's your greatest challenge? *
Everyone gets hung up on their emotions. Which of these emotions occupies MOST of your time? *
First, write down how much you're paid per hour. Next, using your answers above, add up how many hours per week you feel SAD, ANGRY, DISGUSTED, or FEARFUL. Multiply the two numbers (hourly rate x hours per week). Finally, multiply the last number times the number of weeks you work each year. That's your number. Write it in the box below.
Remember, this is about getting to the truth. Some people are happy to spend thousands of dollars every year to remain in misery. Others want relief now. What about you?