Understanding, Hiring, Developing, & Retaining Millennials

Our free report provides clear, research-based information to help you understand and retain the next generation of leaders in your company.

  • Key desires of Millennials in the workplace. 
  • Create a culture that attracts and retains A-player Millennials.
  • Specific hiring tips to get the Millennial leaders you want.
  • System suggestions that solve  the challenges. 

Coachability Scorecard tells you, and anyone with whom you share it, if you're ready for coaching. Click the very coachable jumping fish to get your copy.

Real Cost of Turnover Worksheet. Most people get a real surprise when the numbers hit them in the eye (sorry). Click the ship-jumping dude to get your worksheet.

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17 Great Questions to Reduce Turnover. That's right, you're about 17 puzzle pieces (questions) away from getting a handle on the retention problem. Click the ball to get your list.

Confidence. I can't give the book away, but I can give you my chapter (click the iPad image above). And I will tell you that if you buy the book, proceeds go to charity. (Click here to buy.)