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Jack has delighted over 200,000 people in audiences throughout the U.S. and Internationally. He is funny, candid, and thought provoking. Audiences report:

  • People leave knowing what to do.

  • Understandable concepts with immediately usable action steps.

  • Clear and memorable understanding of why life gets sticky and how to get unstuck.

  • Heightened awareness of personal obstacles to success, what makes their work meaningful, and how to stay engaged.

  • Entertaining stories and relevant statistics that promote conversations.

  • In the moment coaching (with live audience members), quickly demonstrating the effectiveness of brain training ideas.

  • Scroll down for some talking points—that’s a fact, Jack.

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Shut Up Your Inner Critic and Get the Life You Want

You know that feeling when you get a big idea? Not just a “I know where to eat” idea, but the one that is sure to improve your life? A promotion, out of debt, or out of a lousy relationship?

Pretty awesome feeling isn’t it? Imagine looking forward to work, more time, kids at a better school, healthy bank account, and waking up excited. People find ideas everyday. They imagine a better future.

But something strange happens. Instead of going after their dreams, most people stay stuck. Something short-circuits. A month goes by, a year, then two, and nothing changes. They get down, depressed, disengaged, even fired.

The inner critic--the one we all hear--gets loud: “This always happens to me. Life is passing me by. I don’t have what it takes. Why does this always happen? What’s wrong with me?” Don’t you hate that voice?

It turns out people unconsciously program their brains to make decisions based on that inner critic instead of what they know they can do. Amazingly, neuroscience proves you can hack your brain, rewire it, and start making decisions that move you toward the life of your dreams.

Even better, it’s fast. Jack wrote the book on it, and his presentation shows you how.

  • How to know if your brain is unconsciously wired to sabotage your goals.

  • How to shut up that inner critic that’s taking you off course.

  • A simple, neuroscientifically verified technique that rewires the brain for success.

Can you imagine what that inner critic does to customer, team, and vendor relationships? We all know that the wrong internal messaging causes stakeholders to back away. With the right beliefs, however, everybody leans in, brings their friends along, and become raving fans.

Less Pain

  • Less turnover

  • Less waste

  • Less drama

  • Fewer communication bombs

  • Much less likely that 60-Minutes camps out on your doorstep

More Gain

  • Happier customers

  • More revenue

  • Better reputation

  • More loyal employees

  • Improved hiring fits

  • Better attitudes

  • Faster, more consistent leadership

  • Better decisions

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