Heart Attack Me


Last week, on my wedding anniversary no less, I had a “widowmaker” heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. Weirdly, I’m one of those guys who does all the “right” stuff: eat right, hit the gym (almost) daily, maintain the right body mass index, positive attitude, all that. My arteries are all clear. But a tiny blood clot caused a sudden, near fatal blockage in my left, descending artery, which is now stinted.

I post this to thank God and request your prayers. My heart was damaged and is operating at about 50% normal. Pray the muscle repairs. As a very active guy, the patience required for cardiac rehab will be a major life adjustment, but, well “Mindset for Success”, right? (Maybe God is testing my theory on the author - but, no, He’s the author!)

The heart attack I had is almost always fatal, thus the name widowmaker. (For you science geeks like me, here’s an 8 min video.)

Those few who live are in the hospital around ten days. I was out and home in less than 2 days.

If I’d been another 20 minutes from the ER, I’d be dead. Laid down and waited 20 min for what I thought heartburn to pass? Dead. Still on vacation in Colorado (we almost extended the vacay)? Dead. Out of shape? Dead. On and on.

I’ve had wishes from the Universe and thoughts on how “lucky” I am. God ain’t anonymous and God ain’t luck, amigos. If you think so, I think you’re wrong (but I love you anyway). God is personal. God makes decisions and choices. God gives us choices, but who knew my window would be so tight. 20 minutes? Yikes.

I don’t know and I don’t care why God chose me. Don’t overcomplicate it friends. “The work of God is to believe in the one he sent.” Do THAT and if you woke up, believe God has something good for you to do. It’s been working for me a long time, and now I’m in extended match play.

The prayer is simple “regrow the heart muscle to 100%” and I’ll figure out how to tell the story beyond that.

I am very grateful for each of you. I love you and God loves you. And you might pray for my wife because she’s the real badass around here and she has her hands full

I welcome text/email/messages on whatever platform.