Some days, drenching rain washes out a positive attitude.


My mentor said, “You can’t do everything with a positive attitude, but you can do a whole lot more than you can with a negative attitude.” Thirty years ago, I went along because he was the expert, but I wasn’t sure. Today, I’m sure.

Recent discoveries in neuroscience prove that a positive attitude accesses the parts of the brain associated with creative decision making. Creative decisions more often solve complex problems. And, if you think about it, you’ll realize that your income, health, and relationships often depend on the problems you solve. Solve bigger problems, get paid more, enjoy better health, and deepen relationships. Have a better attitude, take action on those creative ideas, do it for a long time, and you’ll build the life you want. 


Success in life is the sum of the mindset we create, the action we take, and time.


What about days when it seems nothing is positive, nothing is moving forward, and everything sucks? Most people experience Eeyore days when it seems as though a dark cloud rains misery. But those are often "seems like" days because our brains love to hold negative thoughts. It feels safer for some reason to see the nastiness more than easily than the beauty. 

Force your eyes up and see a bright spot. Force yourself to find one thing you're grateful for that you had a hand in.

If, for instance, it's raining, you don't have squat to do with making or stopping it. But, it means you can skip watering your lawn - be grateful that you noticed the rain. Look again, maybe all you got out of today was the bottom, but hey, if you're at the bottom, you know you're headed up from here. I know, when things are not going well, hope is hard to find. 

Time helps. You've probably seen the down side of life before. In time, you got back up. What's one thing you can do today, that made you feel more hope in the past? Take a walk, exercise, call a friend, eat ice cream, see a funny movie, something. What prevents you from doing that?