Mindset nightmare visits Austin


Right in the middle of our annual "Look How Cool We Are" party (SxSW), a maniac is loose. Someone is putting bombs in packages and leaving them on people's doorsteps. Three bombings in 10 days, two dead, three wounded.

Anyone sane agrees this is out of bounds. Anyone sane agrees the bomber is not sane. The victims are a high school kid and a grandmother. The cops haven't found a motive. None of it makes sense. But, the inanity of our world is not what I want to consider.

How do you look past the random acts of a crazed terrorist? How do you unhook your mind from the fear of a package on your doorstep to remember that most of life is beautiful, fun, and interesting? 

Someone out there believes something is so bad that random bombing is the solution. They take action based on that belief.

You have a different belief and, therefore, take different actions. What, for instance? 

Even in this nightmare scenario, you and I have to keep going. We have customers depending on us delivering solutions. We have families taking cues from our courage. We ain't got time for hand-wringing, we're busy doing good stuff. 

How do you accept the world's temporary insanities and keep your mindset positive and strong? Believe better days are coming. Believe you're here for a good reason. Believe you and everyone you meet matters. That'll help.