Valentine’s Day is About More than Getting Your Pants Off, but Who Cares? It's Valentine's Day!


Let’s focus on the fun stuff. Feb 14 is reserved for special time with the one who makes your heart beat faster! 

Except it’s not the heart that does the real work. It’s the drugs that your brain lets fly when you believe you're with the one. Your heart merely responds by beating a little faster, your eyes dilate, your glands secret a lovely concoction--a pheromone-perfume unique to you, and all that begins your personal parts a-tingling.

Why is this important? All this stalling. Less talk and more action!

It’s important because belief is action. If you want your significant other to do some significant othering, you must first engage their brain. Believe nice, talk nice, act nice, have a nice time. Relationships, even the most significant ones, are not at all difficult. Believe your one and only actually is the one (and only) for you, and you’ll see yourself treating that special valentine especially special, which can only lead to more garment-dropping special experiences. 

Such wondrous belief is also the key ingredient to a very long, satisfying, fulfilling relationship. The kind money can't buy. The kind time can't erase. The kind you want. Belief = Action.