How far we've come.


For those persons who may, from time to time, feel the country is in a bad place or headed in the wrong direction, watch the Netflix movie Mudbound, and consider how far we've come. A country founded on liberty and justice for all, cannot stand still in an unjust environment, and ours certainly has made progress. 

Yes, we have some lousy history. The movie portrays life in the Mississippi mud immediately following World War II. We see racism, misogyny, entitlement, and rampant disregard for the dignity of war veterans. The film is a portrait of ignorance and vice, emotions run down a hole, beliefs without merit, and with an inspiring ending, a foreshadow of the future then that we enjoy today. Except for the mistreatment of veterans; we still do that. 

History is neglected today, unless it's used as a tool of guilt. What our history depicts is that things were far worse only 70 years ago. What America has done is so unlike the rest of the world, it's comical to compare. What took Europe several centuries, took us one-tenth of the time to overcome. 

Of course we're not perfect, and only a fool believes we are, but another, myopic fool believes we aren't getting better. The victories for justice in our past came in a climate profoundly against them. The soil today is far richer to end injustice, and quickly. 

To those who would confuse us with negative talk shaming our country as though we were the devil's children, your author says, "Poo," which is a nice way of scolding a spoiled child. To the more educated, the more willing to take a stand and see it through with courage, those who know the future is bright because they see how far we've come--they can see that the sun has risen on our backs--another word is fitting, "Go."