Good news for workers fearing artificial intelligence

My new friend Pierce Ivory, besides having the coolest name, writes a good article explaining the basic of artificial intelligence and allaying some of the fear the media are causing. 

Find Pierce's article here:

His conclusion is spot on that while technology often disrupts traditional employment, it tends to increase jobs in new directions. Thirty years ago, people hired typists, now we hire social media assistants. According to a social media maven I interviewed, both jobs begin with similar skill sets but while the former tended to lead to meager returns, the latter pays more to start and can lead to a gig as a marketing specialist. 

Yes, new tech requires one learn new skills, and learning is often time consuming and costly. But those skills tend to pay more and provide the person with more enjoyable work, so the long-term trade offs are often worth it. 

In your company, your ability to see the next wave of technology, its disruption to your employees, and your willingness to train your people to be ready to ride that wave are examples of doing the right thing. In return, you'll find more a loyal workforce, happier customers, and you'll increase your ability to generate sales as things change.