Is organizational culture foundational or evolutionary?

I read an article written by the 10x guy, Grant Cardone in Entrepreneur. I caught me wrong. I think his metaphor is off. 

Mr. Cardone says company culture is foundational. I've completed several successful construction projects. The foundation goes in first and is damn near impossible to change without extraordinary expense. That's where the foundation metaphor metaphor breaks down. 

Organizational culture is not the foundation. While I agree that organizations have foundations, they tend to shift off the foundation fairly quickly or they die. Remember when IBM had a male-only culture of guys wearing  white shirts, and blue suits and ties? That's changed. Culture changes, otherwise we'd all be living under the dark cloud of (insert your favorite cultural terror from any history book). 

Foundation suggests something made of concrete. Culture is made of something  more like Silly Putty; it moves and morphs and takes the shape of the things it surrounds. Culture is the collected habits of a group of people; habits you build, tolerate., and reward. 

I like Mr. Cardone and admire his zeal and certainly his success. I also like much of this article. 

My biggest problem is the hyperbole. For instance, when I walk into a store, most people are nice to me. Maybe you need to be nice to them first, that has always worked for me, or shop at different stores, I don't know. 

I agree that civility has waned and an entitlement attitude is too high in most places. Social media? Internet anonymity? Again, don't know. And I really do not care. I know you do not need any of that as part of your organizational culture unless you want really crappy, unmotivated employees. If people are not civil in your office, correct them or move them out. 

Your culture evolves. It will evolve whichever way you lead it. If your people don't do the right thing, it's because you don't do the right thing. 

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