Sober up, CEO

Okay, I've yakked more than once about the mess at Uber. I do not envy their new CEO, but dude, sober up on the culture development piece. Today's Wall Street Journal quotes Mr. Khosrowshahi saying, "If culture is pushed top down, then people don't believe in it,... Culture is written bottoms [sic] up." 

They'll believe in it if the leaders do the right thing. If they're harassers and money grubbers, no, people won't believe or follow. 

But Mr. Khosrowshahi states it as a principle, not a unique situation. I'm saying the dude does not understand a fundamental development principle: leadership is influence (shout out to John Maxwell). What do you think they most influence? The culture of the organization they lead, whether it's a business, a non-profit, a classroom, or a family.

Culture is the collection of behaviors of a group of people. Culture development is all about getting the behaviors you (the leader) want. That takes honorable, ethical leadership. 

Uber has a history of rewarding a bunch of knotheads by giving them leadership positions. In their case, nobody but an idiot would follow. That said, we would hope they're now putting in better people. And, either way, culture is led by the habits and behaviors at the top. If the leaders do the right thing, everything improves fast. 

Source: Greg Bensinger, "Uber's New CEO Is Aiming For an IPO as Soon as 2019," Wall Street Journal, 31 August 2017.