Why would I read this blog? Because sound ethics makes you money.

By framing your mind to see ethical choices, you will make more money. Ethics pays. Almost daily, we read examples of unethical conduct that cost billions. Intelligent people clearly do not always make ethical choices because they tuned their minds to make operational, sales, financial, or other business-related decisions but not to quickly spot the ethics of the matter. We tune you to spot ethical ramifications.

Audiences consistently report that I make them think about things they’d not considered. One person said I gave him headaches as door prizes for each class he attended. He meant it as a compliment I believe.

My aim is to help you more easily discover the rights and wrongs of what’s happening around us. From there, we hope that you will influence your organization to make it easier for people to do the right thing. Doing the right thing makes your organization better, makes you more money (obviously), and make our country better.

I ask questions consistent with those used to vet ethics award candidates. People (and by extension, organizations) who can answer those questions consistently think lovely thoughts that get in the way of unethical behavior. Behave ethically, win the award, and your organization will improve in every way that affects organizational health, long-term sustainability, and net revenue. You’ll be a leader in your industry, others will take notice, and, perhaps, they’ll behave more ethically as well.

Let’s make it easier to do the right thing, shall we?