Bickering at the top means cascading disenchantment

How sad to work for a company whose internal motto is "under-promise and over-deliver" not as a way to encourage excellent service, but as a slam against management. How disenchanting day after day.

Politico made the news this week as an example of how top level executives' ethics affect an organization. You probably know that, but the illustration helps us all remember. Politico's current and former CEOs are feuding, and their feud makes the news on other news sites. This is not what they want, I bet. 

According to their corporate website (dated 2007), "Politico's job is to win an audience." But do they want the same one as Jerry Springer's? If not, perhaps some suggestions will help.

  1. Work it out on the court or the course (basketball, tennis, handball, golf, auto racing, I don't know, be resourceful), before it's in the court[room]. 
  2. MMA cage match?
  3. Shut up and move on.
  4. Just shut up (staff favorite).

When seemingly petty turf wars erupt at the top of an organization, lousy morale cascades a mud slide on every level. If you want your people to do the right thing, show them how.