Typical work life: you work and someone else profits.


I do not put up with this, why do you?

This is not the American Dream.

  • Too many hours
  • Exhausting, expanding workload
  • Too little time with kids, family, social life
  • Glass ceiling
  • Unending stress
  • Incompetent, demanding, disrespectful boss
  • Office politics and drama
  • Weekend interruptions, calls, emails
  • Dwindling benefits
  • Boring or nonexistent development program
  • Threat of layoffs
  • Constant, nit-picky rules and oversight
  • Goals that make no sense or impossible to achieve
  • Cut throat environment where doing the right thing is under-rewarded
  • Stress at work invading and starting arguments at home
  • Making money, but don’t have time to enjoy it

The American dream is financial independence. What we have sounds more like feudalism--the very thing that our country’s founders fought against.

Want a better gig? Want real independence? Whether it’s finding a more ethical work environment or starting your own business, you can leave the grind behind.

This is America--you don’t have to put up with this crap.

Look, I know how this works. You get a big job you love. You're excited to go to work. You like everything about it. Then, the pressure mounts. The deadlines loom; you miss a couple. Your old boss--the one you loved--retires, and management promotes or hires an ogre. That, or the product line changes, the market changes, the economy shifts. What was once roses is now just hard work with little meaning.

This is not what you signed up for. It seems that a month doesn't pass before your boss asks more from you. Problem is, you got no more. You gave all the more away last year. If you're like most of my clients, the 2009 downturn hasn't turned back up. They have not had a meaningful raise for ten years. They now do their old job plus one more since no one was ever hired back after the layoffs finally stopped. 

Meanwhile, you bought a house, two cars, and the kids got old enough to sniff at colleges. You feel stuck, angry, and wonder if there's an end to this cycle of misery. 

Yes, there is. It's your mindset. 

I cannot do a single thing about your crappy job. I can help you do something about you. Get past the part of your mind that criticizes you for not being good enough, not having enough time (or money), or not doing it fast enough. Relax, so your creative brain engages. When you're creative, you solve problems more easily. Solving problems usually means getting picked to solve bigger problems. Solving bigger problems refines your skills and leads to higher pay. 

Higher pay means more choices. That's what the American Founders dreamed of--more choices at life, liberty and to pursue happiness. Economic independence means different things to different people, but no one includes working 65 hours per week for ungrateful people. I find nothing wrong with expecting to do meaningful, satisfying work. 

Relief, however, does not start with wishing. It starts with belief. Believe that you can have a better life.

Interestingly, in our brains, belief equals action. Believe and you'll begin taking small actions in the direction you believe. This can take many years. To speed up the process, research shows the benefits of collaborative help. But you still have to take action.

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