Typical work life: you work and someone else profits.


I do not put up with this, why do you?

This is not the American Dream.

  • Too many hours
  • Exhausting, expanding workload
  • Too little time with kids, family, social life
  • Glass ceiling
  • Unending stress
  • Incompetent, demanding, disrespectful boss
  • Office politics and drama
  • Weekend interruptions, calls, emails
  • Dwindling benefits
  • Boring or nonexistent development program
  • Threat of layoffs
  • Constant, nit-picky rules and oversight
  • Goals that make no sense or impossible to achieve
  • Cut throat environment where doing the right thing is under-rewarded
  • Stress at work invading and starting arguments at home
  • Making money, but don’t have time to enjoy it

The American dream is financial independence. What we have sounds more like feudalism--the very thing that our country’s founders fought against.

Want a better gig? Want real independence? Whether it’s finding a more ethical work environment or starting your own business, you can leave the grind behind.

This is America--you don’t have to put up with this crap.