Ignore anything standing between you and success.


You pinheads can learn something from my wife (okay, I Pinhead, have learned something from my wife). 

I came home with a bad head cold and said, "You ought to sleep in the guest room. You don't want this cold."

She said: "No. I like sleeping with you. I won't catch it." 

She caught my cold. 

Cold and all, she went with me to last night's football game: Wouldn't miss it.

Today, cold and all, she's outside, blowing leaves around the yard. Next, I expect she'll put up Christmas decorations. Her attitude is that she's going to feel lousy either way, might as well get something done. 

And that, my friend, is a recipe for a successful 6-figure business of your own. Ignore anything, and I do mean anything, that gets between you and your success. When you feel crappy, and you will, get something done anyway.