Circumventing course corrections crashes competent careers

Besides wanting you to see my alliterative genius at play, there’s a point here. Most of us are better at knowing what we don’t want than what we do want. Most of us are better at talking than listening. Most of us are better at impatiently doing anything than we are at patiently aiming at the right thing. Most of us are better at planning actions than taking action.

And most of us, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, are better at staying the course than correcting it. If, however, we want to succeed, and who really wants to fail, will we not need to have a clear target, aim at it with some precision, take some action to hit the damn thing, and then adjust if our arrow misses its intended mark?

Plan course corrections into your strategy. Learn to measure. Learn to crave bad news, critics, and that pesky, soul-hating negative feedback. Adjust. Quit on junk that’s not working. Attack from a different angle. Correct your course.