How to Pick the Right Coach

Picking any professional to work with is a tough job. The wrong fit wastes time and money, and trying to make the selection seems so complex, doesn’t it? Let’s start with three ideas--as simple as possible.

1.       Does the person energize you? Energy is the best and fastest indicator of fit. Meet them in person and after about a half hour note your energy level. If it went up, that’s a good sign.

2.       Can you joyfully pay their fees? Coaching fees for credentialed, experienced coaches range from around $250 to $500 or more per hour. Mine are approximately $300 per hour (see for details and discounts.) Check credentials, by the way, they matter. Credentialed coaches at minimum are trained, experienced, provide a written agreement, and adhere to a code of ethics that maintains your confidentiality. Mine are registered with the International Coach Federation and The Center for Credentialing and Education

3.       How many other clients do they have? This is the best way I know to tell if they’re genuinely interested in your success and able to show you the proper attention. Fewer than 5 means they either have a side job, charge exorbitant fees, are very new to coaching, not very good at it, or not very serious about their business. If they carry more than 30 clients, they don’t have time for you. The latter is like trying to see a doctor with too many patients. I work with 11-20 clients at any given time.

Bonus tips:

·       How many clients have they worked with? Compare that with how long they’ve been coaching. Someone who averages less than 20 clients in a year may coach as a hobby not as a profession. I’ve coached 720 people in a little over 15 years.

·       Does their website look professional? Does it explain their process, fees, and provide testimonies that maintain their previous clients’ confidentiality? Lack of attention in these important and easily maintained areas often means lack of attention to other areas. I’ll let you be the judge of (feedback appreciated).

·       What is their policy regarding confidentiality? For instance, I do not share your information.

I hope this helps you make a decision that enhances your chance for success. You may have more questions, I expect, and not one is a bad one.

Dynamic Coaching works with leaders to help them discover, balance, and achieve their dreams. Specialization includes developing emerging leaders in business environments. As a result, clients maximize engagement and performance, reduce stress, improve communication, and develop people faster. My goal is to help you become preferred in your field.