The new guy may have a better attitude and performance

A friend of mine is a very wealthy, serial entrepreneur. He claims that all employees and all businesses have a "stale date" at which time they cease to innovate, do less than required, and need to make way for something hungrier.

Years ago, I saw a famous rock band called Bachman-Turner Overdrive - they were a big name at the time and they had a great show. The warm up band was also pretty good and totally unexpected. Everyone wanted to see BTO, so most of the audience skipped the warm up. With only about 2/3 of the crowd in attendance, those of us who showed up were blown away by an unknown band called KISS. 

KISS played for 90 minutes, blew fire at the audience, and never slowed down. BTO went through their hits in less than an hour and left us wishing for more KISS. One band's attitude seemed to be, "We're famous, you're lucky to be seeing us." The other band's attitude was clearly, "We're honored to have you here. Now watch this!" 

Attitude is everything, don't you agree?

Sometimes the new guy is just cheaper, less experienced, lacks confidence, and blows the gig. Other times, her enthusiasm and hunger make her worth far more than the price of admission. 

Interestingly, anyone can train his or her brain to default toward enthusiasm, hunger, and sincere appreciation for the audience/client/customer/guest/significant other. 

How are you training your brain?