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Dr. Jack Allen is the author of Mindset for Success and Can You Win an Ethics Award?, and the Founder of Dynamic Coaching in Austin. He has built 11 successful organizations, and coached over 800 clients over three decades.

Additionally, Jack is Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics at Concordia University Texas, and trains examiners for the Ethics in Business and Community Award. His Ph.D. is in Ethics and Psychology with emphases in cultural reconciliation and economics.

As a keynote, Jack has delighted over 200,000 people with audiences in every major US city as well as Ireland, Kenya, Rwanda, and Guatemala. He’s a funny, candid, thought-provocateur.

Fun Facts

  • Jack is happily married (still!) to his high school sweetheart.

  • He has two grown children (and a dog) who like him.

  • He flunked out of college, got back in and made the Dean's List.

  • He once visited the world’s largest slum where he taught 2nd graders to read.


  • SME: organizational culture development, ethics, neuroscientific motivation

  • Ph.D. in ethics and psychology

  • Board Certified coach

  • Over 1,500 keynotes to over 200,000 people

  • Over 800 clients, 250 trained to start new organizations

  • Experience in corporations, academia, nonprofits, and churches

  • 2010 Baldrige Award (with K&N Management)

  • 2010 Ethics in Business and Community Award

  • 2015 Individual Finalist, Ethics in Business and Community Award


  • Peace of Mind

  • Organizational Culture Development