The key to success? Your mindset. What you believe, as soon as you believe it, dumps chemicals from your brain into your bloodstream causing your body to take action in the direction of that belief. That is not just my philosophy of success, it is the ancient wisdom of God, a proven, scientific fact, and my personal experience. 

Belief spurs people to do the right thing and belief sidetracks them to do the wrong thing. In an organization, a family, a classroom, or a church, the members follow the leaders' example. Your people won't do the right thing because you won't do the right thing. This too has been my experience and is a fact written in stone on the pages of history. My wife, my children, my employees, my students all followed my lead for good or bad. Not that you or I are malicious, merely that our habits are either on or off and they cascade down making it easy for other to magnify our actions, and more deeply, our beliefs.  

The people you influence are your people whether they're employees, family, students, or friends. It's easy to tell your people--they're the ones you gripe about for not doing the right thing! I believe you can influence them to do the right thing much more often and, as a result, you'll have a very profitable life and business.

The result of believing the right thing is to do the right thing. The result of doing the right thing is to have the good life you want.

I want you to have the good life. That, by the way is the point of all ethics--to find the good life. Not some woo-woo manure, not some mysterious, confusing, academic jargon--the good life, the real thing, objectively tested and proved.

I have it, but it wasn't always this way. I fought all sorts of doubts, fears, and failures to get great health, fantastic relationships, wealth, a meaningful career, and an inspiring spiritual life. By God's kindness and my effort in the right direction, I have success in every area (that's the good life).

Read the testimonies and you'll see that my clients believe in my proprietary system that revolutionizes their thinking and speeds them to the the results they want.

A six-figure biz in 18 months. Then doubled and doubled again.

I train brains to make it easier to do the right thing. Together, my clients and I see new businesses take shape and grow fast. Along the way, miraculous things happen: all the important categories of life also grow—more of everything good. And it’s surprisingly fast. 


Young entrepreneurs hire Jack to take their business to six-figures in 18-months, so they don’t have to go back to a crappy job. They hire him again to double it and double it again.

Jack has started and grown 11 successful organizations, had some epic failures, and learned a ton about culture development, ethics, motivation, and neuroscience. Over the last 25 years, he has delighted over 100,000 people and pi**ed off at least that many with audiences in every major US city as well as Ireland, Kenya, Rwanda, and Guatemala.

Jack has spoken in venues from a sweaty tent in Africa to the air-conditioned Dome in Atlanta; from a cozy living room in Dublin to a Grand Ballroom in Washington. He’s a funny, candid, thought-provocateur—black and white with a touch of color. You’ll be glad you called him—he guarantees it.

His PhD is in ethics and managerial psychology with additional study in cultural reconciliation, economics, and management. With all that education, you'd think he'd be dry and boring. Nope. Jack is funny, bold, and gets to the point. He is a real and proud Texan with an Irish heritage. He's made people wet their pants laughing, and drank large men right under the table. He holds board certification in business coaching, teaches a business ethics course at Concordia University Texas, and, since 2016, oversees nominee vetting for the annual Ethics in Business and Community Award.

Jack has inspired groups from 25 to 2500 in venues from a sweaty tent in Africa to the big air-conditioned Dome in Atlanta; from a cozy living room in Dublin, Ireland to a Grand Ballroom in Washington, DC. His humorous, candid approach opens audiences to new thoughts on old problems. You’ll find laughter, inspiration, decisions on the right actions to move in a better direction, and you will be glad you called him.

Jack believes it is obscene that more than two-thirds of Americans hate their jobs and that our national productivity has stalled. He envisions helping 5,000,000 people in 5,000 companies love their work, and he makes progress toward that goal by making it easier for you to hit $100,000 in your own business before you have to go back to a crappy job.

Fun Facts

  • Jack is happily married (still!) to his high school sweetheart.
  • He has two grown children and a dog who really like him.
  • He flunked out of college, got back in and made the Dean's List. 
  • He once visited the world’s largest slum where he taught 2nd graders to read.
  • He grew up orange-headed in Austin, Texas, USA, which he always felt gave him a huge advantage.


  • SME: organizational culture development, ethics, motivation, neuroscience
  • PhD in ethics and managerial psychology
  • Nationally credentialed business coach
  • Over 1,500 keynotes to over 100,000 people with 98% favorable feedback
  • Delivery in every major US city and international settings
  • Experience in corporations, academia, non-profits, and churches
  • 2010 Baldrige Award (with K&N Management)
  • 2010 Ethics in Business and Community Award
  • 2015 Individual Finalist, Ethics in Business and Community Award


  • Success
  • Corporate Culture
  • Leadership and Personal Development 
  • Management
  • Not being a dumbass

What I Believe

Values are very important to me. So is culture. Values are the things we believe so deeply that we won’t negotiate, and our behaviors reflect our values. Culture is the collective behaviors of a group. You can see what one believes by observing their behavior, and by learning the core beliefs of a culture, you can predict their behavior.

When it's easier to do the right thing, the culture is Awesome.

For many years, I missed the tight relationships between behaviors, values, and culture. If we change behaviors, pretty soon we’ll value something different, and if we change values, behaviors will change fast. When a group shares values, their behaviors align, and the culture is healthier and more resilient, especially in tough times. 

Of course, you could say the same thing for a drug cartel, but it's hard to consider them nice, isn't it? We assume that you want your organization to do some good as well as to make some money. 

My Core Values

  • Honesty.
  • Resourcefulness.
  • Respect.
  • Fairness.
  • Justice.
  • Environmental care. (Not just planetary environmentalism, I include home and work space.)
  • Giving back to your community. (Some of the community organizations we give back to are listed here.)
  • Personal responsibility.