Young entrepreneurs hire Jack to take their business to six-figures in 18 months so they don’t have to go back to a crappy job. 

They hire him again to double it and double it again.

With 11 successful organizations and some epic failures of his own, jack has trained over 150 entrepreneurs to launch and scale.

He's learned the mindset and practical life skills necessary to build a successful organization without losing your family and friends in the process. His “no BS” approach gives fast, actionable results

You will make more money, save money, and save time.

Jack has spoken in venues from a sweaty tent in Africa to the huge, air-conditioned Dome in Atlanta; from a cozy living room in Dublin to a Grand Ballroom in Washington. He’s a funny, candid, thought-provocateur—black and white with a touch of color. You’ll be glad you called him—he guarantees it. 

Confidence Builder

I was featured in the book Confidence. I'm happy to offer you a free copy of my chapter here. If you're not smart enough to click the link, you're not qualified to be my client (smile).

I cannot win The Ethics in Business and Community Award. Neither can my wife. Kids can't, sisters can't; dang it, my mom can't even win it and she's a sweet old Nana. That's because I oversee the vetting process and it would be a conflict of interest to have anyone really close to me involved. 

I keep a very stout wall of separation between myself and the voting. I do not vote. Nor do I push the voters in any direction.

I can, however, tell you how to win it.

I can tell you how to build a business that will do things right and last as long as you're not stupid. 

If you'd like to discuss your business goal (which should be something like making a boatload of money without stepping on people along the way), click here.

Why I Do It


I do my job because people pay me to do my job.

"Why do you do it" is probably the dumbest question I've ever heard. Let me ask you a few good questions.

How's it feel when somebody says, "Thank you," and they mean it? How's it feel you receive applause for your effort? What do you feel like when your wife or husband says  she or he is glad they married you because you provide and not an irresponsible jerk? How about when your kids get to go to better schools, and your vacations are fun? How about when Thanksgiving rolls around and you aren't worried about buying Christmas presents? Or when the car breaks down and you no longer worry about the bill to fix it? 

The best reason? The best, best, best reason I do my job?

Because I said I would. 

I hate with all that is in me that 70% of Americans dislike their jobs. And I love, love, love seeing them pay me a bunch of money to help them grow a 6-figure business so they never have to kiss up to their boss again.

This is America. We build stuff. Let's go.

Personal Stuff

I came from a, well, let’s just say, my family did not function as we all hoped it would. My mom was single for a while and she worked her tail off to make sure my sister and I had what kids need. My grandparents were a huge help.

My dad was helpful in different ways. He was a bookie and the coolest guy I ever watched walk into a room. Unfortunately, he also had a tough time keeping promises, but Lord Jesus, he taught me some helpful stuff, and he loved us hard. My step-dad was a provider (he worked a lot). My boyhood ranged from getting yelled at for leaving my shoes lying around to hanging out in bars collecting money from people who lost a bet to my dad. 

Like most people, growing up included some good, some bad, and we can say that ethics ranged along the way. But that’s not the end of the story.

My grandfather taught me how to work my butt off and how to enjoy time off. He taught me that education cannot be taken away, to treat girls with respect, to live within my means, and to stay away from lying, cheating, and stealing. Papa told me, “You don’t owe anybody anything unless you tell them you’ll do it. Then, whatever it is, you owe them a debt to get it done. Pay your debts.” Pretty simple, right?

That's why I do my job.

My wife's family functioned so well that I wanted to join them. That and they fed me. Her Dad is a business leader. He taught integrity and the value of hard work. (There it is again.) Interestingly, "Poppit" knew my grandfather, and he knew me before my wife was born. 

I had other teachers, coaches, and mentors, many of whom I paid to help me understand the skills I’d need to get ahead. When I was 20, I paid a local businessman (Lewis Timberlake) to coach me up on life and business. His fee was about 3/4 of my weekly earnings, so I worked more hours (see the pattern?) to pay him, my rent, and save for college. It worked. I estimate that for every dollar I spent with Lewis paid me back about $1,000. And while Mr. Timberlake has gone to heaven, what he taught me keeps paying dividends. Not a bad investment was it?

Since then, I've an incredible lesson. Hard work is not enough. You have to do the right thing, do it well, and do it consistently. That's my system and it's taken me to a level that I could retire today if I want to.

That can be your legacy too.


How It Works

the greatest discovery i've made in the last 20 years is that our brains do not know the difference between belief and action.

As soon as a person forms a belief, their brain goes to work to prove it true. If you believe you'll have a bad day, your brain perceives a threat and starts dumping chemicals that make your body want to fight, run away, or freeze up (fight/flight/freeze). Your body responds within seconds to take action aligned with that belief.

Your brain is an incredibly effective filter. If you believe bad things happen to you, your brain will filter out good things to prove you right and you'll see more bad things. Not because your brain is evil or stupid--well, some of y'all are stupid--but your brain thinks you want bad things to happen and it helps you get it. 

I can train your brain to believe in the habits that lead to the good life. I know it works because it worked on me and hundreds of clients since I began researching the elements in 1999, and developing the program with hundreds of clients since 2013. 

We get good habits because 1) you believe it; 2) you take action; and somehow, God takes care of the parts we can't figure out or can't control. My breakthrough came when I began understanding how the brain works. Specifically, that we can alter our perceptions and habits by (and this is greatly simplified) training the brain to get what we want. Interestingly, ethics derives from a Greek word for habits.

Remember all that "think positive" stuff? Well, it turns out that stuff works, but you probably noticed it doesn't work on everyone. It does not work on people who do not believe it will work. With a few simple exercises, however, your beliefs can change to become more positive and helpful based on real evidence from your life. It works on anyone who does the work.

The only people my program did not work for are the ones who didn't do it.

Everyone else has benefited. Matthew found peace. Sherry got out of a bad job and started a new business. John created surprising wealth doing what he loves. Moose got a huge promotion and lost 60 pounds (now he's Small Moose). Shan was unemployed over a year and found her dream job in two months. Samantha broke a cycle of bad relationships and found the man of her dreams. Read the testimonies.


You can build habits to have the good life. It's not mumbo-jumbo or magic. It involves scientifically proven strategies that lead to greater happiness and performance by aligning your habits with what you want. Don't get me wrong, this is work.

How to build confidence.

Recently, a German author interviewed me for an international book on confidence (my chapter is available free here). The author asked how fear affects confidence. Those two are at the opposite ends of a continuum. One drives the other out. 

Take a minute and think of something that scares you.

Maybe it's a dark alley, a recurring nightmare, or a disease that runs in the family. Is it that presentation next week, that conversation with a supervisor or customer next month, or that hoped-for promotion next year? Maybe it's leaving a bad relationship or having enough money when you're ready to do something else. Let it sit there in your mind for a minute or two. Feel it? Fear is very powerful.

More than likely you have one of these common fears that keeps you stuck in a crummy job.

  • You feel you're not good enough.
  • You feel you don't have enough money.
  • You feel you don't have enough time.

We can kick those fears out of your life fast, and keep them out. 

How's that sound?

Unless you're a lying idiot, it sounds pretty dang good to be free from fear. Those fears are keeping you down, and my friend, you cannot get rid of them on your own. Your brain starts that whole fight/flight/freeze thing the minute you start thinking about your fears. To be rid of them requires help to relax and let the creative part of the brain go to work (which is what you see happening in the photo above).

This is not woo-woo mumbo jumbo garbage. It's backed up by scientifically proven facts. My doctorate is not in mumbo jumbo, it's in ethics with side helpings of managerial psychology, cultural reconciliation, and economics. Honestly, I don't care dink about magic, the universe, or the vague idea that some fool can wish himself into a better life. I believe in work based on facts. Don't you?

For the last twenty-plus years, I've been learning how to make it easier to do the right thing. I help people develop by using what they're confident of to defeat what they're afraid of. I tried it on myself first, and it worked. I tried it in a company and it worked again. Did it work in a church? It did. Did it work in college and graduate school classrooms? Yep. What about younger, emerging leaders? Yes, again. 

Over that span, I’ve probably worked one-on-one with more Millennials than anyone in my field. I’ve worked with another huge sample of Gen-X and Baby Boomer leaders as well, but most of my experience is with emerging talent. People who lacked experience and, therefore, lacked confidence and found themselves afraid of something. After a few months, they defeated their fears, solved problems more easily, and started achieving their dreams. 

Leverage your gifts, talents, skills, and dreams, and explore energy levels, stresses, and motivators. Take advantage of all your God-given awesomeness and find the good life. 


  • No therapy. No one associated with Dynamic Coaching, LLC is a therapist. I love good therapists. I'm glad they do what they do. I don't want to do therapy. So I don't. Honestly, I think some coaches are just paid friends and a paid friend is a prostitute. I'm not a paid friend, nor do I work nearly as hard as a prostitute.
  • No lawyering. None of us are lawyers, either. Likewise, I love good lawyers and don't attempt to do their jobs.
  • Little advising. This is about what you want. If you ask for advice, I have a lot of experience and a big network to draw from. Of course, if someone says, "Hey, Jack, I want to drink a bottle of tequila and run down Congress Avenue naked!" I will advise against it while kinda hoping to take photos.
  • Little negativity. We fight negativity when we cannot avoid it. (But we maintain the right to use the spiritual gift of sarcasm, which I have. Snarky is sometimes a wonderful tool. Other times, I need just to shut the hell up.) Seriously, we reframe negative events into positive learning experiences. Even the most negative experience can make you more successful if you learn from it.
  • Nor do we condone acting like “it’s all good” when it’s not good at all. We tell the truth. We take advantage of experiences to uncover deeper personal needs. We do not ignore negative realities, we learn from them.
  • No blaming, unless you agree to "blame good" too. If someone mistreated you, they probably also did something that made you better--let's blame them for the good as much as the bad. And let's be honest, to a great degree, we create our own reality, otherwise, none of us would ever get what we want. Everything would be by chance, and we both know it's more by grace and effort. So blaming others when things don’t go well is not very useful. If you need to vent, “You got two minutes. Go!”
  • No abrogating. You are in charge of your life. We do not let others tell you what you want for your life. Instead, we increase our available resources by questioning conventional methods and social desires. Your mama loves you, but you’re the expert of you.
  • Limited fight, flight, freeze, or knee-jerk reactions. We work together to open up to previously unseen routes to new solutions.
  • Neither workaholism nor laziness. We value hard work—it’s so much fun that we want to save some for tomorrow! We like the rewards of hard work and taking time off to relax is our favorite reward. The brain needs to work and it needs to rest!
  • No taking yourself too seriously. Humor is our ally.